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Using a standardized set of neuropsychological tests our providers help you develop a greater understanding of how your brain works, and to elucidate why you may be having cognitive, social or behavioral difficulties


Our providers analyse your performance on neuropsychological assessments to construct a comprehensive profile of your brain functioning in order to provide you with the most accurate diagnosis


We explain our findings to you and provide you with a robust list of individualized treatment recommendations so you can start finding greater success at work, school, and home

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our doctors

DR. Jennifer Gatt

Dr. Gatt is an Arizona licensed psychologist specializing in children, adolescents and young adults presenting with academic/occupational, social, psychological or adaptive functioning concerns

Dr. Amy

Dr. Rose is a licensed psychologist in Arizona specializing in the neuropsychological assessment of young children, children, adolescents and young adults with academic, social, behavioral needs

Dr. craig Zinkiewicz

Dr. Zinkiewicz (Dr. Z) is a licensed psychologist in Arizona as well as a Nationally Certified School Psychologist (NCSP) who specializes in the investigation of each child/adolescent’s intellectual, academic, and social/emotional strengths and needs.

Dr. Emily graber

Dr. Graber is a licensed psychologist in Arizona who has extensive clinical experience conducting outpatient neuropsychological evaluations with children and adults of diverse populations

how we can help you

tailoring our services to address your individual needs

Get Better Grades and Boost Work Productivity

Everyone has cognitive strengths and weaknesses. The purpose of neuropsychological assessment is to identify what you excel at and what you tend to struggle most with. We compare your scores on our neuropsychological tests to those of others to determine whether your performance on a given task represents a strength or weakness. Although individual test scores are informative, our doctors aggregate all of your testing data to determine a pattern of cognitive strengths and weaknesses in order to elucidate how your specific brain functions. In concert with our doctors, you get an in-depth knowledge of how your brain works that will help you be more productive at school and at work. Let us help you navigate your brain so you can start being your best self.

Find Your Path in Life No Matter Your Challenges

People seek neuropsychological testing for a variety of reasons. Some are referred by medical doctors while others find us online. All come with relatively the same intent - to gain more information about their brain health and to find ways to improve their functioning. Our doctors are trained in identifying and diagnosing a wide range of psychological and neurodevelopmental disorders - from ADHD to autism, learning disorders to depression, and intellectual deficits to giftedness. Whatever brings you in, our goal is to help you find your path in life no matter what your challenges may be.

Live A Full Life Despite Injury

Brain injury and illness are an unfortunate part of life. However, injury doesn't mean the end of the world. Many people with brain injuries recover functioning or learn to adapt. Neuropsychologists are experts in diagnosing many forms of neurological insults, including traumatic brain injuries (TBI), brain tumors, and infections. Also, our doctors are trained in identifying the early stages of dementia in order to help you get the most appropriate early intervention. We work together with your medical doctors to develop the best treatment program so that you can recover and adapt to injury.


Helping You Thrive.