Our work involves diagnostic consultation and assessment of brain-behavior related problems.

Some areas of focus include:


  • Learning disabilities
  • Developmental delays
  • Autism
  • Social deficits
  • Effects of mild brain injury
  • Processing disorders
  • ADHD

What is Neuropsychology?

Put simply, clinical neuropsychologists diagnose and treat the psychological and behavioral effects of brain disorders.

Neuropsychology is the interdisciplinary branch of psychology that deals with the relationship between the nervous system (especially the brain), and mental functions such as language, memory, and perception.

Clinical neuropsychologists have extensive knowledge of the brain; use neuropsychological tests to accurately assess cognitive deficits; and practice the treatment and rehabilitation of brain injured and neurocognitively impaired patients.

Understanding Brain Disorders

There are many conditions that can affect the brain and cause problems in intelligence or academic abilities, in personality and behavior. Neuropsychological assessment identifies the problem areas, as well as the person's strong points, when the brain has been affected.

Some examples of brian disorders are:

  •     Injury to the brain through trauma to the head
  •     Autism
  •     Genetic/chromosomal disorders
  •     Some types of learning disabilities
  •     Attention deficit disorder
  •     Brain tumors
  •     Effects of environmental toxins
  •     Epilepsy
  •     Multiple sclerosis
  •     Infections such as meningitis and encephalitis

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